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Becoming a member will allow you to view and print detailed analyses of the thousands of products that are in the database. If a product you want to analyse isn’t in the database, you have the possibility to create and analyse that product yourself.

Membership has been created for professionals in the beauty and medical sector. The reports can be used to give professional advice to customers and patients. An increasing number of consumers also become member. Knowing what to buy avoids expensive wrong purchases. Knowing what to use and what to avoid, avoids disappointment or life long skin damage.

Membership for 1 year costs 73,45 EURO for 500 printed reports. This means that every report you print only costs 0.14 EURO. After printing 500 reports, or after one year, you will be asked to renew your membership.

We also offer a free membership program. If you are a paying member, you can earn free reports and free months of membership by sharing the products that you have created with the internet community.

How does this work?

1. You can create new products in the section 'My Products'. Give in all the ingredients that are listed on the packaging of the product by selecting them in the list of nearly 7000 ingredients. If an ingredient is on the packaging but not on the list, you can type in the name and it will appear in the product’s ingredient list.

2. Once you have created a new product, you can share it with the rest of the community by clicking the “submit this product” button.

3. Once you submitted a product, it will be sent to our team for acceptance. Once accepted it will become visible for all members.

4. In return for your cooperation, you will automatically receive 10 additional free reports and 7 additional days of membership per accepted new product. This means, that after submitting 52 new products, you will have earned a full year of full membership.

5. There will be no further communication about this program. The free reports and days will just be added to your account. Products that are not accepted, will stay in your own private list under 'My Products’.

6.Members that sent us reports that are clearly falsified or repeatedly incorrect, will be excluded from this program without warning.