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Analyse any Cosmetic Product

If you want to know what a cosmetic product will do for you, you have to know what is in it. Since 1998 all producers of cosmetic products have the obligation to list the ingredients of a product on its packaging. By understanding these ingredients, you can get a very good idea of the content of any product. But which ingredient is beneficial for your skin? And which ingredient is possibly damaging? Hard to know if you’re not an expert.

This website does a big part of that work for you. It rates thousands of products on the basis of their ingredients by using published scientific data. It also offers you the possibility to analyse any other product yourself.

We invite you to have a look around. Consult the list of the world's best rated products. Learn which products contain the best ingredients. Find out which ingredients can cause skin damage, which ingredients have a proven positive effect or have no effect at all.

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